I am an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. My work is located in the gap between artistic and curatorial space, and is generated through a process I refer to as Resorption. In medicine, an example of resorption is the process by which the amount of calcium present in blood is regulated, through its release from – and subsequent re-absorption by – bones. In my own practice, artistic and curatorial production take the place of blood and bones, Resorption offering a means to establish where aspects of each become present in the other, where each is dependent on the other, and how – as a maker – I can anticipate, draw from, or fluctuate between spaces of production and mediation. Resorption is an ongoing process, operating in-time and appearing in the sensible realm in the form of glitches, where one plane of experience unexpectedly intrudes on another.

I work as a lecturer in Fine Art Critical Studies at The Glasgow School of Art, and am a founding member of the curatorial cooperative, Chapter Thirteen. Between 2006 and 2010 I ran the curatorial agency, The Salford Restoration Office, with Lesley Young.