Towards a City Observatory: Constellations of Art, Collaboration and Locality


Kate Gray

Chapter Editors:

Julie Crawshaw, Fiona Jardine, Angela McClanahan, Jenny Richards and Frances Stacey


Collective (Edinburgh, 2017)



This book reflects on a number of projects undertaken by Collective between 2010 and 2015. As Kate Gray describes in the introduction, ‘they are examples of Collective producing projects with and for artists, developing a focus on expanded practice, and working at the intersection of art making, constituencies and specific localities.’ She describes this way of working as producing ‘a zone of contact , following artists’ ideas and developing approaches to make their vision a reality through the weaving of shared concerns with others.’

I developed a work, Proposal for a Warehouse, or, Towards a Museum of Reorganisation as part of the wider research project, How to Turn the World by Hand, which was curated by Jenny Richards. The chapter covering How to Turn the World by Hand contains a section called Thing Following, an in-conversation between Richards, myself and Alison Hulme, whose book, On the Commodity Trail (2015), had become a key reference point within the project.