Looped video (VHS, now digitised)

Untitled was a video work I made in my final year as an undergraduate student. It was shot using a turntable that revolved approximately five times per minute, which was placed in the centre of a room of Victorian paintings at Leeds Art Gallery. The room was sealed off, and I ran naked around its perimeter, remaining on-camera the whole time. I ran for twenty minutes, but the video was seamlessly looped so the performance appears to have no beginning and no end.

Twenty years after this video was shot, I ‘re-made’ it in an expanded exhibition form at The Tetley, Leeds, which was the first time I’d shown in the city since my degree show. The video represented the anxieties I felt about making art – anxieties that I have never been able to shake off, and which I now realise have continued to infuse my work ever since. I think of the subsequent exhibitionary version as simultaneously being a replication of the loop, and a splice-point in its continuation.

Exhibited in:

New Contemporaries 2001

Camden Arts Centre, London (22 June 2001 → 19 Aug 2001)

New Contemporaries 2001

NGCA and Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens (22 Sept 2001 → 4 Nov 2001)